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5 hours course = 20 Logbook hours

Safer Drivers Course

Complete the NSW Safer Drivers Course and gain 20 logbook hours

The Safer Drivers Course logo is a trade mark of Transport for NSW of 18 Lee St Chippendale NSW Australia

Interested in        logbook hours?
Complete the NSW Safer Drivers Course with Wicked Driving!


The Safer Drivers Course was made for learner drivers in NSW who have already completed 50 hours of actual driving in their logbook. Upon successful completion of the driving course, drivers will gain an additional 20 hours in their logbook. 

If you and your fellow learner drivers are eligible for this program, join the five-hour course! You will learn safe driving techniques whilst also gaining 20 logbook hours.


Safer Drivers Course

What is the

The Safer Driving Course is meant for learner drivers who wish to learn more about being a safer driver, reducing risks, and anticipating hazardous situations so that they can make well-informed decisions on the road.

Using both in-class activities and car demonstrations, the Safer Drivers Course will help you on your journey to become a safer driver long after you have passed your driving test. 

The course will be fun, filled with tips and tricks and most of all, educational.

The Safer Drivers Course consists of 2 Components

3 Hours Theory + 2 Hours Practical

How much is the Safer Drivers Course?

The course is $140.
If you break that down, it will cost $7 per logbook hour.

Safer Drivers Course Requirements


Must be under 25 years old

Logbook hours

Must have completed a minimum of 50 logbook hours

(Bonus Hours don't count. Need to be actual driving hours)


Must hold a current NSW learner licence

Concession and Health Care Card Holders

You’re might be eligible to attend a Safer Drivers Course for free!


Safer Drivers Course

What are the benefits of attending the

Upon successful completion of the Safer Driver Course, you will have an expanded understanding of being a safer driver. 

Statistics show that learner drivers have fewer crashes than their provisional counterparts. This does not necessarily mean that P-Plate drivers are less skilled, but that they are exposed to different situations and challenges when driving on their own, which they may not necessarily know how to respond to. 

Other benefits of successful completion of the Safer Drivers Course include:

An additional 20 logbook hours

The ability to identify hazards when driving

Learning low-risk driving techniques

Learning how to reduce accidents

Increased understanding of being a safe  P-Plate driver

Receiving training from our accomplished instructors

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